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It does not matter, you have a natural color, or eight colorists eight o'clock conjured over the complex multifaceted staining. That hair was shiny, so as not to greenish stood out, the ends do not flogged, and the roots do not look sloppy, take on arms 7 simple life hacking!

We all try to take care of their hair, but sometimes it turns out that our actions bring shock of hair is not good but harm! Doctors in China have published sensational work in which the most popular myths debunked.

We all care for their hair, but often the result is far from desirable. What is the reason? The most common mistake most women is that they forget to keep track of the scalp, and after all it affects the quality of hair, it is the cornerstone. We talked with the doctor-trichologist and learned about the important issue of all!

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