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Why your hair is weak: 5 Mistakes care scalp

Why your hair is weak: 5 Mistakes care scalp

1. Wrong choose shampoo

There is one simple rule that many girls do not comply: shampoo chosen as a skin head, air-conditioning - on hair type. This means that you can use a shampoo and balsam of various cosmetic lines, for example, if the scalp is oily enough and requires thorough cleansing, and the tips are very dry.

2. do not use special serum for the scalp

To care for the scalp directly use a mask and other washable means virtually meaningless. Opt for serums, lotions and gels that are applied to the root zone and affect the hair follicles. Most of these tools do not require rinsing, and hence the effect of their use is much higher.

3. Insufficient purify scalp

Do I need to clean the scalp? Of course! One shampoo here you will not manage, you will need and peels. Through this purification activates metabolic processes in the skin, easier access to treatment and nutrition. It can be used as abrasives and acids by - glycol and (or) salicylic, AHA- acids. Pick up any (especially acid) peels better with the doctor: the scalp at all different. Triholog recommend the drug with the right concentration of acids, teach and apply it to tell how long it should be kept peeling of the skin.

4. You choose a shampoo with synthetic silicones

A large amount of money on hair care products contain silicones. Any word on the label with the end of "-kon" means that there is some form of silicone in the composition. These substances have earned bad glory: they accumulate, heavier hair, besides poorly washed away.

However, not all types of silicone have just such an effect. For example, in today's incredibly popular organosilicones vehicles - hybrid silicone and organic compounds (eg, silicone betaines). They make the hair on the surface of a thin film, which not only smoothes hair and adds shine relief curls, but also protects them from aggressive external factors, in particular, from the effects of a hair dryer, ironing or curling. Besides, organosilicones easily washed away, without accumulating on the hair and scalp.

5. Hair loss - a reason to go to the doctor

If you think that to properly care for the scalp and hair still falls - it is an occasion not to be lazy and get tested. If you come to the reception to trichologist, I am prepared for the fact that the doctor may refer to other specialists. It's no secret that the condition of the hair - overall health indicator.

For example, hair loss may be due to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid function, hormonal disruptions, intoxication, chronic micronutrient deficiency, not to mention stress. So you may need to consult an endocrinologist, gynecologist, ultrasound, blood test for hormones and blood chemistry. But it is not worth to regret this time, because what could be more important than the health and, as a consequence, the beauty?

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