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8 myths about hair care: in some we do believe!

8 myths about hair care: in some we do believe!

Myth number 1: Hairdryer harm the hair, it is best to dry them naturally

Nothing like this, unless you are not very short hair that dry themselves for 15 minutes. If you are left with wet long hair, the water molecules trapped in the wreck, literally squeeze the proteins of the hair structure, causing the hair to become brittle, dry and dull. Exit? Dry the hair dryer, but at low temperatures.

Myth number 2: Dandruff - a sign overdried scalp

Hmm, exactly the opposite. Dandruff - a sign of excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. Moreover, the use of fat-containing oils and care products for the hair roots can become independent cause of dandruff. So if you have this problem, my hair more often and goes to a special anti-dandruff shampoos, and the use of oils give up!

Myth number 3: Most strizhesh - grow faster

Hair growth depends on the activity of the follicles. Trimming the ends does not affect the rate of cell division, respectively, cutting not help you grow faster curls. The tips, however, you need to mow, otherwise you look unkempt. But other reasons to go to the hairdresser there!

Myth number 4: From stress turns gray

In fact, the rate of occurrence and the amount of gray hair is genetically programmed. If your father and mother lived to a ripe old age without a single gray hair, most likely, you will be able to do without gray painting. The fact that the amount of gray hair depends on the amount of melanin produced in the organism, the volume of which decreases with age. Stress also does not affect the production of melanin.

Myth number 5: Always wear a ponytail or bun - provoking hair loss

This statement is true only in one case: if you is contracted ponytail or bun so tight that your hair styling reminiscent of a ballerina. Free lock tail, braids, or beam any harm to hair loss brings and does not provoke.

Myth number 6: After washing the hair should be rinsed with cold water in order to "close the cuticle"

Temperature anything was important only for live cells able to sense heat and cold. Hair is made up entirely of dead cells, which does not care what kind of water you are rinsed.

Myth number 7: For hair to be healthy, they need to be more likely to comb

Combing, especially frequent, lead to two consequences: the hair will quickly get dirty (after you carefully smear across the surface of the skin sebum) and will electrify the best, because you provoke friction. So do not overdo it! It is enough to comb her hair 2 times a day: in the morning and before bedtime. Well, or during the day if you need to fix her hair.

Myth number 8: Shampoo should be changed every 3 months

Same story as with the care of skin. No, the hair (made up of dead cells, remember?) Are not able to get used to anything whatsoever. Therefore, the only reason to change the shampoo may be a change in condition of the hair.

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