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7 life hacking, which must know each blonde!

7 life hacking, which must know each blonde!

1. To seeped greenish

Always, always, in all circumstances, is applied to the hair conditioner before swimming in the pool, your hair must be protected from water and chlorine. It is he who causes a change in hue! If the water from the tap, which you wash your hair, too chlorinated, try to go to the hair washing if not bottled, boiled or at least, and the settled water. Believe me, you will feel the difference!

2. To the hair does not dry

Water from the tap, most of us are very rigid. By installing a filter in the water supply system, you show better care of your hair: they will be more smooth, will be less confused, and will cease to electrify better to keep stacking.

3. To hair is not brittle

Whether you sushish their hair dryer, pulling via brushing or curl with the help of curling: Always apply Heat protective agent. Blond hair thinner and weaker than the dark, so the need to be protected from overheating.

Excellent choice: Thermal Image of Wella Professionals, Liss Ultime Thermo-Smoothing Oil by L'Oreal Professionnel, Design Pulse Thermal Styling Mist from the Matrix, Heat Protect from Syoss.

4. To seeped yellowness

Blue and purple shampoos, masks and balms for the hair retain a platinum or ashy tone of blonde hair, not letting manifest our natural yellowish-red pigment.

Excellent choice: Brilliant Blonde, Nivea; Shine Blond by L'Oreal Proffesionnel; BC Color Save Shampoo Silver, Schwarzkopf Professional; Blue Malva from Aveda.

5. To hair shone

Nothing gives blond hair more radiant look than ... shower champagne! Before a special night wash your hair, but instead of Balsam rinse their champagne "brut", and then rinse with cool water. Hollywood curls, smooth, shiny and perfect in every way, guaranteed!

6. To regrown roots are less visible

On straight hair regrown roots are more noticeable than curly. If you do not have the possibility of immediately paint over the roots, just do laying on or curling tongs, forming large curls or relaxed: your hair will look as if you've done fashion painting, and did not miss the next visit to the stylist.

7. In order to lighten the roots

Dry shampoo - a white powder that absorbs dirt and gives your hair volume at the roots. Alas, for brunettes often it ends with "flour" in the hair, but the blonde beauty begin and win: hairstyle looks fresh and blackened roots - light!


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